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Meme from [ profile] the_zaniak: three radically different pieces of fiction, showing my breadth as a writer. I suspect he had me in mind when he made this one up - he knows I can't resist the threeness. :)

First, we have a poem: Wanderlust )

Next, a drama-ish flashfic which got the usual obsessive non-flashy Lily treatment: Lemons )

Finally, we have some humour. ZOMG, Lily writes humour? Yes, yes she does. Unfortunately, it’s hard to sustain, so the story this has been clipped from is unlikely to ever make its novellength way out to being posted. Ginny’s introduction from my crossoverfic )
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Lily's "The Twelve Labours of Heracles" Completion Table

The Fish Working Title Type Status Summary Other
1. Artemis / Holly A Simple Enough Mission Novella, Romance, Suspense 22,365 words and three-quarters there. I've half-fixed the height thing now, at least... Still needs extensive editing, quite a few missing scenes, and needs a smidge of inspiration for the bits where all I can think of is just... waaaaaay too fluffy. AU TOD. Holly is sent to check that Artemis's mind-wipe is holding. Things get complicated. The mindwipe blew my mind. Colfer's shameful under-use of its potential in TOD blew it again. This fic was in my mind before I finished the second chapter of TOD. It was also the first AF fic I wrote. I hadn't read *any* Fowl!Fic! Thus... well, let's just say the editing is necessary.
2. Artemis / OC untitled Novella, Romance, A/A 7,895 words including plan. We have the Mega Plot Plan of Death. We have isolated scenes. Every now and then, I'll go in and poke things a bit, and not-quite get them to the stage of sending the next bit to FH. We have no time. A new variant of an old plague has swept across the globe, leaving its victims permanently disabled. Artemis only wants to help - and make some money in the meantime - but first he has to deal with an old enemy, the loathing of his classmates, and with the feisty, purple-eyed Marionetta Sousaphonina. But when the plague begins to claim new victims, and they must work together to find a cure, before it's too late... Co-written with FairyHunter. An OC deliberately designed to miserably fail the Litmus test. But be a well-developed character anyway. Good luck to us.
5. Femslash Watching One shot, Angst, Drama, Dark Complete When the one you love loves another, do you forget about them and move on? Not if you're Artemis Fowl. Possibly to be expanded later, depending on how much Yeti's poking is hurting.
7. Artemis Meets Genius untitled ? ? ? Would love to do this one. Am glad that at least this one isn't flooding my brain with plot-bunnies.
8. Insanity The Mother of Invention One shot, Angst, Drama Complete How does a criminal genius cope with doing time in a fairy jail? Also accidentally addresses Schizy's fishwish of omniscient first person perspective.
9. IC Artemis Humour Disobedience One shot, Humour, Poemfic 894 words including poem, plan, and author's notes. I know exactly what it is going to be like. I just need a plot. Artemis had told his mother not to go out into Dublin unguarded. He had told her. Now just look what had happened. Poemfic to a beloved childhood poem by the incredibly talented A. A. Milne of the same title.
12. Fairy Faith / Magic / Law ? Essay? ? An exploration of the fairy faith/government in comparison to Catholocism. Again, I'd love to do it, but thankfully the bunnies are mostly leaving it alone.
13. Arty / Timmy His Son's Father Novella, A/A, Suspense Complete Someone has stolen a magical object of devastating power. It is designed to be used by a human, against fairies. Who could the LEP possibly blame? And when the fairies make a mistake that costs Artemis his freedom, who can they turn to for help? More importantly, will he be able to provide it? Yay! One that really feels like a Labour, and also happens to be complete!
14. Irish Mob untitled Novella, Drama, A/A Unstarted. (Plot bunnies... taking over... Must... resist...) Featuring Buteline and implications of seedy!Timmy/underage!Juliet. I am so ashamed.
15. Middle-aged Artemis ? ? ? ? Mmmm, middle-aged-vampire... No bunnies here.
18. Good / Bad Reversal ? ? ? ? Mmmm, greyness. No bunnies here.
21. AU untitled Novella, Drama Hmmmm, maybe. In the mind of a genius, with no other distractions, a minute is a very long time. What if Butler had expressed his concerns to earlier, while they were waiting to catch a fairy? Featuring Timmycest.
23. Minor Character Curiosity Killed the Cat One-shot, Drama, A/A Maybe halfway? A touch more inspiration, and... In a dim, smokey bar, ten years ago, he'd acquired a debt. Now it was time to pay it back. Originally meant for submission for the November-December Crim challenge. Er... it's a bit late.
Not sure Dear Mother One-shot, Humour, General I have one plot thread. I need more. Come to me, inspiration, and name me as one of the labours! Artemis is writing a letter home from St Bartleby's. It's been an interesting week, to say the least. A response to the Crim Special Challenge. The original form of HSF before the flashing!light took hold of it.


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