Nov. 26th, 2008 10:28 pm
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So, Saturday I officially pulled out of this year's NaNoWriMo. Final count: 28,731 words.

On the plus side, after the fourth one this month, I'm now getting much better at recognising the migraine aura while it's still just an odd semi-absense in my field of vision, even before it develops into the pretty sparkly flashy strings.

Lessons learned this year? Perhaps if, when November rolls around, I happen to be at a biorhythmic low point, feeling generally rundown and lacking in energy, I shouldn't be surprised at the effort required to muster the enthusiasm for a Grand Project like NaNoWriMo.

As for the story itself? It certainly developed some interesting twists during its lifetime--the original physicist who my three protagonists were cloned off turned out to be a significantly bigger character in the whole thing than I was expecting. :) I'm not sure whether I'll continue with it--I'm mainly pulling out of completing it within November rather than the story as a whole, but I suspect it will end up joining the rest of the half-finished non-deadlined stories languishing on my hard drive.

Still, was it worth it?

Always. :)
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I have a confession to make. I'm desperately behind on my wordcount.

It's day ten. I should be passing 16,667 words today. I'm at 13,381. That doesn't sound so bad. It doesn’t sound as bad as it has been, because having added almost 3,000 words yesterday and 700 already today, I’ve been slowly managing to catch up. It's over eighty percent of the way to where I should be, which is pretty good, because when I was writing this post the first time, on Sunday, it was well under two thirds.

But I'm not happy unless I'm moaning. )

So, having hopefully dealt with my week two blues in week one and got them out of the way, along comes Monday with its blessings: the pep talk from Chris Baty, promising that if we can all just manage 15,000 by the end of today, we’ll all be okay. And 15,000’s not so completely out of sight, is it?

The second factor in my new confidence is my discovery of Write or Die: Dr Wicked's Writing Lab. (Thanks, Renegade Writer!) Sprints usually work well for me, but they’ve dropped back in effectiveness this year (strangely correlated with the lack of general energy and motivation). Until now.

I’ve been too scared to hit a penalty once, and that’s only on “normal” mode, where it ominously flashes your screen and plays annoying sounds if you pause writing for too long, rather than Kamikaze, where it actually starts gobbling up your hard-earned words again. (!!)

Heh. I’m in. And if someone'll sprint with me, I'll even try out Kamikaze mode: that's a promise.

See you on the other side of 15,000. :)

Edit: 15,032, which gives me a total of 2357 words today and an early night, given it's only 11:42. And what do you know, it's even good stuff!
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I may be behind on my wordcount, but I AM GODLIKE!
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With 3762 words at the close of Day 2, I haven't exactly got off to a rocket-propelled start, but I'm on track and not too displeased with that. Hopefully I can keep it going steady through the week. (Although given that I’ve got two busy weeknights today and tomorrow, that may be tricky...)

Still, I guess I should follow through on the promise I made to tell you a little bit about my story, shouldn't I?

What's that you say? I'm procrastinating actually writing? Surely not! )


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