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So I'm working on bits and pieces of fics all over the place, as I always do, and managing to get exactly nowhere. )

Also: I've finally managed to get everything I have backed up, and also tracked down my reinstallation CD, so hopefully the trauma of the last nine months and the mess that iTunes made of my poor, poor laptop will soon be over. (Never trust poor punctuation, my friends! There's got to be something wrong with an uncapitalised proper noun!)

But... a reinstall! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Go me!

In any case, I may be offline for a day or two. Hopefully the reinstall will go quickly and to plan, but if it doesn't... adieu! I shall return... eventually. With a shiny new install that will make my tired little laptop run like a rocket again! *dances at the prospect*
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I have transferred all my e-blogging activity to LJ! I am henceforth to be an LJer, rather than a blogger. *nods wisely to self about the differences and the likely impact of them on her behaviour*

*surrupticiously inserts a couple of backentries she never got around to putting in*
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The first issue of the new monthly Orion Fanzine, The Observatory, is out!

It includes include general Artemis Fowl fandom news, details about popular authors and their fics, writing tips, canon Q&As, some humour articles, and more. It's intended to complement the Orion Awards' goal of showcasing quality writing by helping provide people with the means to improve their writing.

Visitors to my LJ may be particularly interested in my article: “Hook, Line, and Sinker – Writing an enticing summary

So go check it out, and give us some feedback – because we’ve spent a lot of time putting it all together, and we’d love to hear whether we’re on the right track!
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The judging of the Orion Awards is complete and – while being a judge gave me some forewarning of the results, and being away while the announcements came softened the blow a little – I’m nonetheless totally over the moon about the outcome.

His Son’s Father has won Orions in five separate categories! Squeeeness! )

The rest of the results can be seen here, and are all fantastic fics, very much worth reading.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a very big thank you to everyone who worked hard on making the Orions happen!


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