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Surely there's an obvious pattern here?

Graph here )

I'm forecasting rain for Friday and a clear day Sunday. And I refuse to admit that today's xkcd might be at all relevant.

PS: Averaging 21.7 kWhpd = $9.01 = $3.88 clear profit per day = actually $2.12 per day until the electricity company gets its act together and properly connects us up (apparently in ANOTHER 2-3 weeks time) and the credit card bill comes due (tomorrow). Theory aside, we're about to go negative for a little while. :P

S Day

Sep. 2nd, 2010 09:16 pm
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So Tuesday was the big day when 30 solar panels made their way onto our roof. So far, we've been pretty happy. Yesterday was the first full day in operation and Brisbane really turned on the weather which was, aside from smoky haze from some bushfires and some afternoon cloud cover, a clear and sunny day.

So: let's see some real figures... )

We've yet to see what the next electricity bill actually brings, we've yet to see how long the government rebate lasts (if it went away tomorrow and electricity prices didn't rise, we would pay off the panels in 28 years rather than 8), and we've yet to see how the panels last the test of time. For the next 10-15 years (depending on the part) they're simply under warranty. Research suggests we shouldn't expect any problems for significantly longer than that. Accidental damage (hail/storm/etc) is covered on home insurance. Zombie attack doesn't seem to be covered anywhere. I suppose we shall just have to wait and see.

But for the moment, I am very pleased indeed.

Edit: Figures updated when I realised I had the feed-in tarriff wrong - it's 50cpkWh, not 40.
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It all started because our hot water system is leaking.

Well, I say our hot water system, but in fact it's only one of the three that the previous occupants/renovators of the house felt was appropriate. It's good in some ways, because it means that with the tank right outside whatever tap's being turned on, hot water appears practically instantaneously. It's bad in others because... well, there's three aging hot water services, each of which chew electricity and break down and require repairs.

So, one of our hot water systems is leaking. And rather than spend a couple of hundred dollars getting a plumber out (twice, because he'll never have the right parts the first time) to tut-tut on the shoddy workmanship of the previous guy and stop the steady leak of water, greenhouse gasses, and money down the drain, we thought we might look into getting a solar hot water system installed. Queensland's great for solar hot water. Plenty of sun, plenty of hot weather. Not too much difference between the length of the days, so it's not like you only get hot water in summer, either. I grew up with solar hot water, which always kept us plentifully supplied, despite being installed at least twenty-five years ago. While we're at it, we thought we might look into getting PV cells (solar electricity) installed as well.

Investigations proceed... )

So... We've made the decision. We've ordered the system. We've signed all the papers. We've paid the deposit. Solar hot water will arrive on our roof in around a week. 5.4KW (the biggest system these guys have ever installed) of PV panels will take more like ten weeks.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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