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Meme from [ profile] the_zaniak: three radically different pieces of fiction, showing my breadth as a writer. I suspect he had me in mind when he made this one up - he knows I can't resist the threeness. :)

First, we have a poem: Wanderlust )

Next, a drama-ish flashfic which got the usual obsessive non-flashy Lily treatment: Lemons )

Finally, we have some humour. ZOMG, Lily writes humour? Yes, yes she does. Unfortunately, it’s hard to sustain, so the story this has been clipped from is unlikely to ever make its novellength way out to being posted. Ginny’s introduction from my crossoverfic )
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Just to get this out of the way, apparently there's a spoiler going around for Deathly Hallows. I didn't want to read too closely on absolutely anything unless I accidentally got hit with it. Nobody comment/talk to me about it, please, not even to say it's rubbish or say what it's about. I've been waiting avidly for almost exactly seven years (how's that for awesome?) for this moment, so I hope you understand if I'd rather find out about twelve hours after I buy the book rather than spoiling it on the home stretch.

That said, I've been rereading everything in the leadup to Saturday, and... wow.

It's been a while since I've picked up the original books, and I'd forgotten how awesome a writer Rowling is. In particular, the details that bring every sentence to life without needing to come out and say what she's actually saying, and the tiny TINY details she bothers to weave through. Beautiful. As for her characters... well, it's all been said before, but wow. She's just really good.

It's also very strange to be rereading with the knowledge that the next time I read these books, I will know how it all ends. I'm still totally, totally psyched about the next book, but... I'm certainly not rushing my rereading, even though I'm running out of time. I might actually spend the first few hours after I get DH finishing my reread of HBP. However much I want to read the next book, I still just don't want it to be over.

When Deathly Hallows is out, I'll still be in fandom. I'll still read AUs of earlier years, I'll still have a secret weakness for awful powerful!Harry fics, and I'll be shattered if certain of the WiPs I'm following are discontinued. But... it will be different. It will be finished. We'll know the right answers - or at least all the answers we're ever going to get.

I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for that.

But here's a quiz meme nicked from [ profile] the_zaniak regarding the events of the last book. (Of course, Mozzie's just filled it out, too, and said it originates from Mugglenet. *tips hat in their direction*)

Deathly Hallows Predictions )

Other Discussions )

And there it is. I haven't finished my reread yet, so some answers may change, but...

My goodness, this feels strange.


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