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Found inside attempting to climb onto the boss's computer. It's a green tree snake: not only non-venomous, but completely devoid of fangs. We think he might be a particularly dull brownish colour in the picture because was trying to blend with the cardboard box we kept him in until everyone arrived and could have a hold. He was cool and sweet, with his little muscles gripping my skin. We released him into the bushes, and he sailed up and away from branch to branch at incredible speed, not even pausing to grip one branch or the next, just effortlessly stretching on to the next one and the next one, trying to gain height and escape from the crazy bigjobs.

My god, it's enormous! Is that one snake, or two? )
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Some of you might remember this post, a while ago, about how when I came into work The Boss had a recently-fed snake trapped under a bucket for us all to ooh and aah at.

Well, this time he had something a little more impressive. )
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Got into work this morning to find the boss had a snake to show us.

Apparently the home/office cat had brought it in last night, sounding very proud of herself, and the boss and his wife had trapped it under a bucket to await the following morning (the snake, that is, not the cat). We have a qualified snake-wrangler on staff (no, that's not what he does for us, it's just a hobby), so he identified (a carpet python), caught (sneaked up on it while it was was striking at a broom), and released it into the wild (over the back fence). Despite being non-venomous, it was incredibly agro, striking at everything and anything in range - apparently it was the same last night.

Snake! )

The most interesting thing was that this snake had rather obviously had a very recent meal - a serious size gecko or something - which you can see across our snake wrangler's palm. The snake itself is really thin - but at first glance it looked like it had to be pretty big because of this massive meal in its stomach.



Also, some combination of all the things I've been trying has been helping me actually fall asleep, so I'm pretty pleased with that. I'm still feeling upside down and discombobulated, but I'm actually getting enough sleep and I think I'm past the worst of the exhaustion, headaches, and nausea. (For those who know the symptoms, no, I'm NOT pregnant. Thank you for asking.) The garden is also looking fantabulous, so I must have been acheiving something, even if I'm too drowsy when I'm working on it to really have a memory of doing so.


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