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Headache from Hell is back, which makes it only two days out of the last thirteen that it's not been around.

Had to leave work early because the aura was flashing all sparkly rainbows in front of my point of focus and I couldn't read. Have decided this is probably what the painkiller packet means when it says "if pain persists, see your doctor" and have made an appointment for Monday.

Expect to be told what I was last time: dehydration, blah blah, bad posture, tension, blah blah, red wine, caffiene, blah blah, lack of sleep, skipped meals, blah blah, monthly hormonal fluctuations, blah blah blah. I'm a walking collection of possible triggers.

And unfortunately, I can't come off the pill again (which made all the difference last time) because I'm already not taking it.

Honestly, where's my silver bullet?
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My wrists are so sore.

I decided to get a headstart on NaNo by properly doing my wrist exercises in the leadup, and properly packing them in ice afterwards as advised by the physio for when I was starting up. The hope is that I won't have to put up with a week of pain and icing when I become super!typing!Lily and can just concentrate on my story. Consider, if you will, the logistics of applying ice to both wrists in a relaxed, straight orientation at the same time. Hint: it involves two ice packs, two couch cushions, an anatomy textbook, an assistant, and ten minutes of not writing.

In any case, two days ago, after five days of exercising, I decided that the muscles had probably got used to the exercises enough to stop icing afterwards.

Big. Mistake.

Yesterday they were a bit sore and I did my exercises (and iced!) anyway, but today they're just killing. Fortunately, I know it's an okay sort of sore - it's not because I've damaged them or torn something or scraped away all my cartilage - it's just that the stabalising muscles around the joints SUCK and are complaining about having to grow bigger.

Except perhaps for my right wrist, which I can never put on the wrist brace tight enough to properly stabalise because that presses the spur of bone on my radius against the ulnar. But since they're approximately equally sore, I think I'm probably okay.

Still, don't ever try to tell someone with muscular pain that it's just muscle pain, or you may find yourself wearing your tongue as an eyebrow ring.

Ow, ow, ow.

*heads off in search of panadeine*
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Somebody take my power cord away and hide it, or something.

Because it's all flowing so beautifully and I'm interspersing twenty minute sprints with packing my wrists in ice.

Yes. I have RSI. On day two.

Not! Good!

I have dodgy wrists in the first place, and I should be going to the physio and doing my exercises to try and get it all sorted out, but... hey, who wants to do wrist exercises when they could be surfing the net?

Curse me, and my laziness! Also, if I were one of my wrist braces, where would I be hiding? *searches high and low*

On the bright side, final word count for day 2 is 5,745 words and, after a very slow start, my plot's starting to really move... brilliance!

Edit: It's been pointed out to me that RSI might be the wrong word. It's basically a flare up of my injury, which involves joints way too loose for my very weak wrist muscles to stabalise, and a spur off one bone rubbing against another. Ice and exercises are my recommended physio treatment, so... I'm just considering this exercise. *shiftyeyes*


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