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Sherlock Fandom: The Final Problem

I don't even know what to say, but I'll try.  Spoilers Ahoy for Sherlock S04E03.

I didn't enjoy the episode.  The first words I spoke when the credits rolled was "Oh my god, that was so BAD!"  I went online, and now I wish I had enjoyed it, because I don't want to be on the same team as most of the other people who didn't enjoy the episode.

i thought the whole bad-bond-villain-death-trap choose-who-to-shoot-for-science-bwa-hahaha, let-me-force-you-all-to-make-emotional-ooc-confessions-and-dying-speeches-to-one-another was lame.  Not just the scene with Molly, but Mycroft and Sherlock and John and uuuurgh, and all the overblown ending stuff.  GOD, guys.  Remember subtlety?  Remember it?  It was so, so lame that it cut the whole heart out of the episode for me, and I just know they can write better than that.  It wasn't bad in a series-wrecking way, it was just a bad episode because it felt so forced, such a lazy way to bring about character moments that made them feel false to me.  Oh well.  Everyone's allowed a bad story every now and then.  I write them myself.  Just a shame that it finished on a flat note like that, because if it was going to finish, it deserved a big finish--and, I understand that's what they tried to give us, but... for me, they pushed too hard, and it didn't work.  *shrug*  Oh well.

The rest, I liked.  I loved seeing the boys back together, a thoroughly united team again.  There was some amazing banter.  I loved Eurus.  And the lack of glass!  The inmate being in charge of the asylum!  I loved Moriarty.  I loved Eurus and Moriarty, LOL!  I loved the solution to the mystery--the change to the ritual, the fact that Eurus just wanted Sherlock to play with her all along, that the solution was not in his brain but to open his big heart and bring her in, make her part of saving John, and the violin duets at the end, oh my heart.

I liked the way they left it open to all ships, threw most of the big ships a bone and left asexuality as the default too.  That was nice, and I think it was fantastic fan service.  I hate to see them being villified like this for being INCLUSIVE.

Yeah, there could have been more on a number of issues, but seriously, guys, you don't get to throw a tantrum about things you wanted not being in a story for which you are not the author.  Not cool.  I do wish there had been any scene in this series where Molly wasn't either a. baby-minder, or b. crying, or c. both, but hey she got to be bad-ass in prior seasons, and Mrs Hudson basically did all the badassing that was required for this season.  I understand there's a queerbaiting issue which a lot of people are upset about.  I don't personally understand that because asexuals are queer too, and the implied unconfirmed/platonic relationship is and always has been my jam--personally, leaving it open like this is my perfect ending--but... I can understand that it means something to a lot of vulnerable people, and that a lot of people built their hopes on that.  I still don't think there's any good reason for hate speech to be directed against anyone, particularly not over the storyline choices for a creative endeavour.  What the fuck, entitlement.  Seriously.

Most of all, I liked the way that the characters were left back closer to the people I loved in the end.  Futurefic is now officially back to being the s1&2 dynamic with added character development and optional (given Rosie seems to spend a LOT of time in childcare) kidlock as well.  We're officially past the arcs with the storylines I didn't like, with John projecting his hurt by being an entitled tool and Sherlock projecting his guilt by being a martyred doormat.  No more need to include specified or unspecified angst-fixing to get things to a place where I like how the characters relate to one another.  But plenty of remembered angst to hook into, to add colour whenever I need it.  And if I want them to be a little more emotionally constipated, well, I can always go back in time.  Sherlock's emotional development is ambiguous enough that I can still write him taking a rather circuitous unaware path to emotional revelations, as I so love to do.

I see a good amount of casefic coming on, and 221B domesticity fic coming on, and creepy Eurus fic coming on, maybe something to resolve Molly's arc, and a couple of metas... I dunno.  I feel hopeful, if a bit flat right now.  I hope fandom feels better soon.  *pets it*  *from a safe distance*

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I didn't like it, but none of the last three episodes have done anything for me. I half watched, because I have a lot of fandom friends, both online and in RL who were watching, and I wanted to see what was happening. And I'm still writing in the Sherlock fandom, so the ending (although I had significant problems with it) means I can happily continue to write the sort of fics I've always written.

My own feeling is that a lot of people were drawn in by the first two series and then it changed into a different sort of programme, but they stayed and were unhappy with the way it went. They might have been better to bail earlier. I have friends who enjoyed the latest series, but we look for different things. I also think there were people who were caught up in the hype more than was good for them. And maybe the writers/producers (who to an extent encourage the hype) were also sucked into thinking 'we have bigger budgets we can do more', and forgot that bigger doesn't always mean better.

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I'd be extremely unlikely to throw a Johnlock tantrum! I'm one of the few people who never believed in Johnlock (although I write it on occasions), because one I liked the dynamic as friends, I didn't see it as a good romantic partnership for them.

I disliked the 'everything's going to be wonderful again' ending, which made the last two series feel irrelevant - why go through all the trauma to come full circle. I also felt that ultimately there were no consequences.

Not a popular view, but I felt they should have killed either Molly or Mycroft. Not because I dislike the characters - and I had no wish for them to die - but because they built up the tension and then the main characters escape because they are invincible.

And finally, I found it an inward looking episode and my preference would be to look outward.

But, as ever, it's horses for courses. I didn't watch to criticise - in which case better not to watch - but to keep up with fandom friends.

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I've just read your fic, which is lovely. Really spot on and shows a real understanding of the characters.

I didn't think you were watching to criticise, but I know some who did, and it's something I have to remind myself on occasions. Looking at a programme critically, to work out what is bothering about it, is a totally different matter. And quite often it will lead to fanfic, as the writer seeks to resolve the issues. Which is never a bad thing.

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Haha, yes I did spot the typo!