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Am a headless chicken at the moment. Too many projects, as is usual for me at this time of year.

1) Writing (well, re-lyricing) and recording a song for a Christmas present for Hubby.  (No soppy stuff, he wouldn't like that anyway.)  Stay tuned, I'll post it for the fan flashworks amnesty at the end of the month, it's gonna be awesome.  :D  But of course this means that I'm fiddling around with:
    a) writing lyrics (I've got three out of four verses written, a couple of concepts/lines for a fourth, and there's a few dodgy lines throughout that could do with improvement--but I'm so distractable by process-orientated stuff that I'm having difficulty focussing past the smorgasboard of distractions available),
    b) learning my way around the software and post-production filters I'll need to get the sound right and blending in with my backing track (Audacity, which I've used before many years ago, third party high-pass, de-essing, compression, autotune and reverb filters, which I haven't; it's a song for programming to, so I want to do my best to make something that'll sound all right in with the rest of his playlist),
    c) pulling together and learning my way around the hardware and setup I need for recording (an at least forty year old microphone from the cupboard which I hope will work better than my phone microphone solely because it will have a decent size diaphragm (although the phone mic I've been testing on sounds pretty decent for the style already, so I can fall back if it's no better (ETA: Hubby asleep, the old school mic is working and I think it does sound like it's got a rounder tone even if I don't want to try singing too loudly with the house asleep, and look I'm still not writing)), pop-filter made from a coat-hanger and a stocking, account created for Unspecified Purposes on Hubby's computer (which has an audio card with an actual microphone jack, what a blast from the past)),
    d) finding time with no one in the house to actually record it (Saturday morning, I've got a couple of hours and I'll need to get everything recorded in the one session, which I KNOW will be aggravating because I don't know what the hell I'm doing with a microphone, so the chances of recording anything clean are almost nil and I'll only really find the dodgy parts in post-production when it'll be difficult to do more takes--also I really really need to have my lyrics finalised and given some time to cook before then),
    e) explaining to my four year old what the word "bitch" means after he's heard me singing along with the original song one too many times in the car, and
    f) repeatedly thwacking on the head the idea that, given I will be an enthusiastic participant in two Kinect dance parties in the next week with my large tribe of awesome dance-loving nieces and nephews while they are all in town, and I have access to the dance game that covers the song I'm covering, and wouldn't it would be super super awesome to go all out and make a music video to go with it (What the hell, brain?  It's hard enough overcoming the self-consciousness to sing all out without thinking about actually dancing!  Plan: first, write lyrics!  Then, do other jobs!  Then and only then, if there's time, think about taking over the world with DANCE!!!)
So, yeah.  I always promise myself I'm not going to get obsessed with some kind of creative endeavour for a gift for someone this year.  And I ALWAYS go back on my promise.  Always.  Sigh.

2) Not getting too caught up in the above project (ha!) because the prompt at fan_flashworks this week is "Naked", for which the very very obvious fill means another chapter in the Were-John verse (he loses his clothes when he transforms, thus the nakedness), which I soooo want to write.  But I always find sequels are sooooo much harder than pulling something out of the air, so who knows if I'll need to pinch-hit for myself.

3) Also Psycho!Jim is on my mind, of which I want to write more of but is getting too big for its britches.  Much like the protagonist.  *forcibly removes Jim from brain with crowbar*  And The Wrong Kind Of Snow is still living in my brain wanting to be cleaned up and cross-posted, but now is NOT the time.

4) I'm also cleaning up and crossposting "Five ways to confess to your flatmate".  After the first chapter, everyone seems so excited about where it's going that I've been driven into a kind of anxious despair that where it's going isn't good enough, and I don't want to disappoint so I've got in a vicious editing loop that I have not the time to break myself out of.  *puts aside for now, people will have to wait for the next chapter*

5) I have a whole stack of wonderful new comments on Living Conditions, which I still think is the best thing I've ever written, and I always want to get right into the meat of replying to, but it is an all-consuming universe when I go there, so I'm just going to leave that until the new year.

6) Christmas.  Apparently I have children?  And all sorts of responsibilities for thinking of/buying/wrapping presents for other people as well?  *headdesk*  I think I'm only missing one christmas present, assuming everything I've ordered online on the last possible posting day arrives, plus a visit to the cheap shop to get stocking fillers.  Late night shopping tonight; maybe I can do it then and it will be off the stack.

7) Speaking of which, Christmas holidays.  All the kids (who I love very dearly) in my face, all the time.  Aaaaaghh!

8) We've got some christmas craft projects.  Decorations, and presents.  At some point in the next week, I'll have to make time to do that with the kids.

9) All four of my sisters and all of their families are in town at the same time for the first time since before I had children.  Obviously I want to see as much as I can of them.  I'm hosting two lots of Christmas parties, one of which will have 27 people, the one on Christmas day only 21.  I have to feed people.  And keep the house clean.  And organise enough tables for everyone to sit down together, which hasn't happened since we grew too big for that, but I am keen to do.  Our pool is safe to swim in (it's 35 degrees out at Christmas in Brisbane), but the water is still a little hazy--only to be expected because we had to replace the filter earlier this year, and they don't clarify the water as well until they're properly dirty--but I'm babying it in the hopes that it will start properly sparkling before everyone comes around, and that is So.  Much.  Work.

Right, so that's my brain dump.  I always laugh when people wish me "peace" at this time of year. No time to lose, stuff to be done.  In the last thirty-six hours, according to my fitbit, I've done 34,000 steps and got 4 hours and 3 minutes sleep.  See you on the other side.  Or not.  Because I may well be unconscious.

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::blink blink:: How are you still alive???

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Wow, you're busy! I just had my last class for the semester today, but I'm not really free because I have something wonderful called -exams- on January 3rd... but not having kids or a job, and being basically disowned by my family, means my holiday obligations are pretty much 0!!

Song lyrics are really tough! Or so I think anyway.

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Very much looking forward to whatever you do for the "naked" challenge - even if it is very short.

Other than that, I'm happy to wait until after the Christmas/New Year/long school holidays chaos for more fics.

By the way, I still have a few spaces on my 12 Days of Christmas ficlet list, so if you'd like one (with no expectation of anything back) let me know.

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I am in awe of your bravery in hosting so many people for dinner - twice!

And I thought I was burning the candle at both ends, sleep-wise. I've slept less than 6 hours a night on weeknights for the past two weeks. You still win.

And I hope your home has a/c, so at least nobody will spontaneously burst into flame when 35-degree weather + 20-something guests + stove in full use all collide. :-)