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The White Lily ([personal profile] thewhitelily) wrote2016-09-25 01:58 pm
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Yay, I have solved a major plot problem.

This is better, this is perfect, this makes sense of everything, both narratively and structurally, and this stupid scene that hasn't been working for me?  Poof!  It's awesome now!  AND I've got worldbuildy threads to pick up later for a couple of other bare scenes I know are coming up.  Things that make me build this world up more are veeery very good.

Of course, it means some rewriting but not actually that much, just tweaking a couple of mediocre scenes one chapter back in ways that should actually make them better, and maybe sliding a little more worldbuiding in earlier on my next pass.  The research I had to do to get to this point also meant I got to spend last night's approximately biannual date night debating awesome sci-fi concepts with Hubby, which was great fun since we're both massive geeks and... well, the way we get when we're talking about this kind of stuff?  Well, there are many, many reasons he's the love of my life, but this is definitely one of them.  :)

High five, Brain.

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Congrats!! I usually give up instead of tackle plot problems haha.

I've gotten out of my funk (for today at least) and have been catching up on all my studying/homework, and I think part of it is I've been listening to music all day again suddenly. I stopped listening for like 5 years, I don't know what made me start again in the past week or so but I definitely think it's theraputic... And it sure helps when writing fic!!