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The White Lily ([personal profile] thewhitelily) wrote2017-06-27 10:20 pm
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Is a bastard.

Am having an attack.  I know I'm being an idiot over something and overreacting.  So, I reach down inside and I go *squelch* to those emotions, because they're not logical.  

Has this ever gone well, in any story ever?

No.  But I don't want to feel them.  Why would I, nasty things that they are, all overwhelming and confusing and pointless and spinning and unreasonable and illogical and yuck inside my chest.  And my mind's strong enough to squash them.  So squash them I do.

Oh look, more emotions.  


God, I'm lucky fan_flashworks is due in a few days, because I'm going to have to woman up and stop squelching by then or I won't be able to write anything.  

Fucking emotions.


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